Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Krymsk Update


Крымск, tents set up outside the city for the now homeless.

Krymsk, soldiers are here now," helping"we pray they are doing just that. So many of them were just standing around. Or marching down the streets back and forth. Everyone knew that Putin was supposed to be flying over, so it maybe partly for show.
UPDATED UPDATE: excuse my 16 year old brain. My eyes were misinformed , they are helping.
The home we helped out this Saturday, totally destroyed. Family of 7.

The little boy who lived in that house. He's staying at a neighbor's house till they can fix things up.

Cleaning out the basement with some of the guys from our church. It smelled like year old fish down there. It was terrible, and full of broken jars. But we got it done, one basement down, 5,000 to go.

All of their food the spent the entire year jarring was in that basement we cleaned out. They are still hoping to be able to eat most of it. They don't have much of a choice. 

Praying that the food is still good, because these families will eat it. 

This is what the humanitarian help looks like in Krymsk. People drive by and throw the clothes out the window, then get the stink out of Krymsk. :////


People are beginning to forget about Krymsk. Just because it has been two weeks, doesn't mean its any better. Or any less important. In fact, things could be getting worse now. They need your prayer and help more than anything now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Blank Page- SSF

I love the prospect of a blank page.
The anticipation.
You are all sitting there and wondering whether Madi 
will talk about something of importance today.
Well Madi hasn't made her mind up just yet,
the page is still blank my friends. about some reminiscing? See if I can evoke my self to tears,
its a rainy July day and the chill from my bedroom window won't stop crying until I write,
write it all.

Grey, wet, muddy and gloomy.  That is Krasnodar weather. But before that, it's Adventure weather for the mk’s in K-dar. Playing refugee Jews in t-shirts and torn sneakers, hanging out in the gloom till our bodies were so frozen they turned numb, then took to burning so bad you were no longer cold. We’d race through the puddles taking shelter in abandoned half-built buildings, crawling hands and knees through the freshly softened mud.  We’d climb fences, walls, empty trailers. We’d sit in the basement of a brick house listening to the rain as we made up stories about kingdoms and castles. We were brave, climbing up straight walls using only chips in the bricks to get to the top, two floors up we would balance along a single row of bricks unspoken words dared each other to walk farther, faster. We had many gateways to Narnia and the like. A tin blue house, a Redwall, a cherry orchard, a field, a secret cement tunnel, an empty green house, and a white house. 

155. I am open minded now.

The white house feels like worlds away now, a different time and a different me. In a way it breaks my heart to realize that those chapters have been closed. But it also excites me as I whisper, “What’s Next?” 

This week, on This week........




Zhenya (9 yrs old) said this to me and Marina on the bus, ' ты чо? Много воды питье? У тебя голубые глаза' 'what's with you? Drink a lot of water? Cause you have blue eyes ' he also says that if you have brown eyes you eat a lot of chocolate, green, you eat grass.

What do you do when you are totally exhausted from camp, the day after you get back? You agree to go to a really noisy concert of course. I will be brutally honest. Most of it was pretty lame, so lame in fact that me and the girls from camp could have gotten up and did our Wash the Clotheses (<yes clotheses) dance to 'I Like to Move it Move it'. But the whole reason we went was for some christian singer- he's like the Relient K for these guys, something christian they grew up listening to- Alexander Patlis. He was actually really good and made it totally worth it. He looked kind of like....Mark Driscoll meets Johnny Depp's mustache goatee combo and starts a singing act. BAM. Pretty hardcore right? 

On our way home from krymsk, and kostya's ear. And светофора 's hair. Krymsk was just as big a disaster as ever. There were lots of soldiers this time "helping" that was the rumor, but everyone knew that Putin was supposedly flying over that day, so most think the soldiers were basically for show. Just keep praying they're able to help. Not just the people with money, but everyone.

Buying stuff for fondue with Vlada, and spontaneously deciding to buy really really yummy spices for potatoes. 


Church Kids Camp

It has been a really long time.
I think I'll start at the beginning.

Meet Vlada, Iv'e always known Vlada as the girl with the flower in her hair. Then I finally met her, for real, at Urban Camp --- HOLD UP. OK.FINE.SO, I didn't start at the beginning, y'all are all like WHAT URBAN CAMP?!?!?! Tell us more. I know I haven't even shared about that yet. But I will get around to it, baby steps ok? Baby steps to the computer, baby steps to blogging, I'll get around to it ok? Back to Vlada--- So then we went to the movies, hung out and we both ended up helping at this kids camp.

It's kind of weird for me to be blogging about my friends, cause I mean, it is like you telling me about what you did today in school. Like its normal and slightly dull for outsiders, but for some strange unorthodox bizarre reason you guys like to hear about it.

So when I hangout with Vlada she speaks russian and I speak english. It's an unspoken rule, its just simpler that way. If something isn't understood we explain it....or try to.  She still doesn't get the point of splitting gum, but I think that's just her russian менталитет mentality.

So helping at Church Kid's camp, me and Vlada were part of the craft team, so we taught the kids how to make little sock animals! Which was great and all, but I swear, in the future when my kids ask me why I never made them stuffed animals I will mutter under my breath *twitch* 'Vlada...Camp....children...never again' 

So we did sort of like a V.I.P. thing at camp, where each day 3 kids get their dreams come true. Such as what Marina, Vlada and I did. We took them to the zoo....well, me and Vlada painted the masks and Marina made the animal noises it was actually pretty neat. (<<< excuse my writing. It is phrases weird. and different. Russian and english are mixed for me right now. So realistically I can't speak either.)

Marina ^^^

^^^ Believe it or not, Madi Hayes did that to Vlada's hair. amazing.
Vlada, and my two Sveta's they helped with crafts as well :))))

These are two of the funniest little girls you will EVER meet. They are amazingly spontaneous, and equally exciting, I didn't have one boring conversation with these girls.

Ok, one of my favorite parts.

Painting people into bloody tangled messes was just, just so fun. So fun. The game 'Plane Crash' let us cover all the staff in paint and napkins to create a bandaged fleshy look, they then ran and hid in the woods. The kids split into teams had to find their counselor and other necessary items of survival (kettle, shovel, toilet paper, etc.)  

Marina's craft was flower headbands, and by far everyone's favorite! (<<< such a classic grade book statement. who even says a sentence like that??) 

So the painting was pretty popular, for games and just for fun. the last 2 days of camp I couldn't walk 3 steps outside my tent without having kids beg me to paint them. No it was not real face paint. I know, I know, welcome to RUssia. 

(^^^^ ACTUALLY, It is the lazy way to end a post, but ssshhhhhh don't tell Madi that)

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